2014 Kilt and bib pickup

You must pick up your bib on Race Day from 1 to 5 pm at the Crystal Palace.

There will  be a pre-race pick up of ordered kilts and tee's.

Kilts and Tees may also be picked up on race day between 1 to 5pm at the Crystal Palace.

Click here to find your bib number.

2014 Order of Events


Race Timing 

Start Time    Race                                       Start Location       Awards                       
4:15               Wee Lads & Lassies                Start Line               Finisher medals         

4:30                Lads and Lassies                     Start Line               Finisher medals         
                                                                                                       Prizes 1st M & F

4:45                Warrior Lads & Lassies           Start Line              Finisher t-shirt            
                                                                                                       Prizes 1st M & F

5:40                Awards Lads & Lassies           Stewart Park Stage      
5:45                March to the Start * (Click here)  Start Line                N/A                       

6:15                8 km Reg & Warrior                  Start Line                    N/A                        

*We will have the runner's march on again this year. When you hear the Pipe and Drum band start playing, everyone will file in behind them and "March to the Start"

Entertainment Timing

Here is a DRAFT of the amazing entertainment line-up. Note that timing is still subject to change.

Note that timing is still subject to change.

Race Day Layout

Click here to download the layout around the Start Line for all the activities before and after the big race!

Race Day Parking

Click here to view options for parking on Race Day

Cheering/Water Station & Piper Locations
Click here to download this view of the Cheering/Water Stations and the Piper locations around the route.

2014 Warrior

Perth Kilt Run June 21, 2014

The Warrior Class was a new addition to Perth's World Record Kilt Run in 2012, and it seemed well received - so its back this year! It will be an exciting challenge for the 75 participants who are adventurous enough to take it on! All of the details will not be revealed until  Race Day, but we will give you some clues as to what you will be in for.

  • There will be several "Warrior Stations" throughout the race where you will be required to complete a task. Be prepared to experience the warrior life!
  • There is a water crossing involved (thigh deep-pending height of Warrior!)


               MORE DETAILS TO BE PROVIDED AT WARRIOR CLASS "SPECIAL PRE-RACE MEETING". Be sure you are at "Big Ben Horse Statue" before 5:45pm on race day (located at corner of Wilson W. and Harriott - across from Fiddle Heads Rest., edge of Stewart Park.         (Good luck!)


Perth Kilt Run June 22, 2013 - race day order of events:

(Click here) Order of Events Race Day 2013 (update June 18)

    See full listing below for details on what's happening on race day....there's a lot!

*  Canadian Haggis Toss Championships - free entry, try to break the Guinness record!
*  Canadian Shortbread Baking Championships - free entry, sponsored by Walkers Shortbread!
*  Bouncy Castle - free to all
*  Two free musics stages!!  Excellent musicians!!!  Sit and listen to what they have to offer.
*  Check out the Medieval Camp!
*  Two micro brewers at Kilted Beer Castle!
*  Free scotch tasting!!!
*  Free Face Painting - get your Braveheart face on!
* Caber Toss demo!
*  Post race Contra dance free to all!
* Grand Draw Prize of a trip to Scotland to run in the Perth Scotland August 10 Kilt Run!
* And More!!!!!!!!!

 Click here:  Race day Site Map, parking areas, March to the start!


Perth Kilt Run Survey Results

         THANK YOU to the nearly 500 people that took time to complete our post race - 2012 runners survey!!! Your comments are invaluable, and we are trying to incorporate changes as possible.

          (I'm trying to find a way to attach a full summary with graphs

* 96.8% rated the race overall as Very Good-Excellent !

* 99.8%  vote to hold the race again!

*The Course - majority want to change the course to have less on the golf paths

 Main 8K Kilt Run:

            First Overall Male = $500.00              First Overall Female = $500.00
          Second Overall Male = $300.00       Second Overall Female = $300.00
            Third Overall Male = $200.00            Third Overall Female = $200.00

First Perth Finisher:  TBD

Individual One-Year Age Group 1st = embroidered race bath towel

Special Prizes = TBD

Finishers Award All Runners = TBD


Warrior Class

1st Overall = TBD
2nd Overall = TBD
3rd Overall = TBD


Wee Ladd and Lassie

1st Overall = TBD
2nd Overall = TBD
3rd Overall = TBD

Finishers Awards = TBD


 Ladd and Lassie

1st Overall = TBD
2nd Overall = TBD
3rd Overall = TBD


Grand Draw Prize:  TBC



Perth Kilt Run - 2013 Cheering Station Competition!
Entering a Cheering Station is a great way to be an important part of the world's largest kilt race. Not only is your enthusiastic cheering motivating to the runners, and adding to the overall flavour of the race; you also play a key role in dispensing water to all the runners.
 We as organizers of the Perth Kilt Run, like to use this competition as a way to support great local charities ... whether your are a school, church, youth group, service club, athletic club (etc). Our total prize money exceeds $2,500!

We have room for up to 10 Cheering Stations - hurry!!!

            Congratulations to the 2012 "$1000 winner" - Drummond Central School

* Form to be completed and submitted to The Running Goat, 74 Foster st, Perth, Ontario (613-264-8904)
* Perth Running Goats Club reserves the right on final selection of acceptable entrants
* ALL accepted entries qualify for the $100 minimum charity award
* Earlier entry will be in your favour - submit now, and good luck!
* Judges decision final

Cheering Station Entry Form

Cheering Station Rules and Awards


(Click here) Race Day Parking suggestions

(Click here) Map of Race Day EVENTS


Want to play in the.... 1st WORLD KILTED GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS??

Hurry - enter now for runners discount

Kilted Golf Tournament Registration !!!
(click on above red  link)

Race day "2013" information will be updated after March


Canadian Shortbread Baking Championships

Sponsor: Walkers Shortbread !

Click here:
Shorbread Competition Details

Entry Tag


Example from Last year:
Layout of Pre-Race Area

See this diagram for the layout of the Crystal Palace.

See this diagram for the race staging area around the Crystal Palace.

Race day events for 2012 (Updated May 21, 2012)

Start Finish ItemLocation
9am5pmTown Hall Scottish Music Town Hall
10am4pmFree Inge-Va ToursInge-Va (Craig st)
2pm6pmBouncy CastleCrystal Palace Area
2pm6pmFace PaintingBand Stand area
12pm5pmScottish Canoe ToursTay Basin Dock
2pm9pmKilted Beer PalaceCrystal Palace
2:15pm2:45pm"Joel Williams"Crystal Palace Outside Stage
3:00pm3:30pm"Blue Skies Band"Crystal Palace Outside Stage
3:35pm3:50pm"Celtic Cross Dancers"Crystal Palace Outside Stage
3:55pm4:40pm"All of Ewes"Crystal Palace Outside Stage
4:45pm5:30pm"Colin Bernard Band"Crystal Palace Outside Stage
4:30pm9:00 PMRunners change rooms/showersPerth Arena
2:00pm5:00pmTurtle Pond Medieval EncampmentTBD
3:00pm5:00pmDr Kaboom Street ActorsCrystal Palace Area
2:00pm5:30pmCanadian Haggis Toss ChampionshipsCrystal Palace-Wee Tay Pitch
5:00pm5:25pmScone Baking JudgingCrystal Palace Outside Stage
5:30pm5:35pmScone Baking AwardCrystal Palace Outside Stage
5:35pm5:45pmHaggis Toss AwardCrystal Palace Outside Stage
5:45pm5:50pmVolunteer DrawCrystal Palace Outside Stage
5:50pm6:00pmCostume ContestCrystal Palace Outside Stage
6:00pm6:15pmOpenning WelcomeCrystal Palace
6:15pm6:25pmRunner March OnCrystal Palace
6:25pm6:30pm"Wade Foster"Start-Line
6:30pm8:00pmRace StartTown Hall Start/Finish
7:15pm8:00pm"Freddy Dixon BAND"Crystal Palace Outside Stage
8:00pm8:15pmCheering Station AwardCrystal Palace Outside Stage
8:15pm8:20pmRunners AwardsCrystal Palace Outside Stage
8:20pm8:30pmGrand Prize DrawCrystal Palace Outside Stage
9:30pm2012 Kilt Run Closed


Go to the link below to view the 2012 Race Route.

Race route


Race Kit and Kilt pickup will be ONLY on race day. It will be at the Crystal Palace (across the road from the Town Hall at 80 Gore Street East) from 10 am to 4 pm. You must pickup your bib, timing chip, kilt (if orderedand T-shirt (if ordered), at that time.


There will be several Cheering Stations along the route again this year.  We have increased our prize money for the winning group to help support our local charities. This year the first place cash prize doubles to $1000 second place will be $400 and third place is $300. ALL other entries will receive $100 ! 

Pick a local charity, organize a cheering station, and everyone wins!!

Download the registration form here



1. The competition is open to everyone. (Kilt Runners can enter, the
non-kilted public too, and members of the Running Goats Club).
Organizers reserve the right to limit entries based on 1st come basis.

2. Entrants must complete an entry form. Form available at the
Running Goat Store and at

3. There are categories for individuals and businesses. Businesses are asked to submit a $20 donation to help sponsor the event, with the added bonus of a chance to win the competition.

4. Entrants must provide a disposable & covered wrapped plate of 3
scones for judging.

5. The form and scones must be submitted to “The Running Goat store”
(74 Foster Street, Perth) no later than 12 noon on June 23rd , 2012.

6. Judging will take place on race day (June 23rd, 2012) at the Crystal
Palace on the Tay Basin starting at 5:15pm.

7. Judging criteria will include: appearance (10 pts), texture (30pts),
taste (30pts), and “Scottish” (10pts). Bonus points (2 points) for each
dozen scones provided for the runners!

8. Only one category – any type of scone is allowed.

9. This year’s judge:

Individual:         1st $50 & award,  2nd $25 & award, 3rd $10 & award 
Commercial:     1st $50 & award,  2nd $25 & award, 3rd $10 & award 
Grand Champion:   (best overall individual or commercial) $50 & award 
Download the Scone Competition entry form here

Race Day Information

Parking in Perth

Complete Race Route

Detailed Race Route - Downtown only

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