YOU MUST WEAR A KILT To run in the Kilt Run (surprise, surprise!) 

If you are providing your own kilt, here are the requirements:

1) Pleated back 
2) Apron front 
3) Two buckles at side 
4) knee length

If you are ordering a kilt from us, here is some information:

To determine your size, measure at your bellybutton - it's not your pant size!
Cost is $35
Kilts must be ordered online through the registration site by Mar 17 
Kilts come in male and female sizes from 20" to 50"

If you are looking for a kilt after the kilt cut-off date (March 17) then here is an option:

1. The Scottish and Irish Store

West End Store
2194 Robertson Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 9J5

East End Store
1713 St. Laurent Blvd. (at Innes Rd.)
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3V4

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