History of Perth Kilt Run

     Perth's World Record Kilt Run - a brief history


  * The idea to have a kilt run in Perth, Ontario was conceived in October 2009

  * The kilt run was organized by a group of volunteers as a "one-time event" in 2010.  The committee included David Stevens, Steve Wight, Shannon Baillon, Pam Ferguson, Mary Stewart, David Eggleton, and Terry Stewart (Race Director).

  * The first kilt run held was in June of 2010. There were 1,089 finishers...breaking the old record of 250, and setting a new OFFICIAL Guinness World Record.

  * The race features a "Castle" start line! 

  * The kilt run is officially called "Perth's WORLD RECORD KILT RUN"

  *The main charity of the kilt run is the MS Society. Over $55,000 has been raised in the first three years of the race.

 * The main race sponsor in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 was Lanark Mutual insurance.  In January, 2014 Lanark Mutual became Commonwell Mutual Insurance.  This means Commonwell Mutual Insurance is now our main race sponsor.

 * In November 2010, a new running club was started with the main focus to organize the kilt run. The run club is called "The Perth Running Goats Club", and is affilicated with Atheletics Ontario.

  * In 2011 the race was held a 2nd time. A new feature in that year was free post race runner's beer by Beau's Beer company. The 2011 race had expanded events including sheep shearing demo, and highland cow. Race Director - David Eggleton, committee of Sue Matte, Mary Stewart, Terry Stewart,

*  In 2012 a 2nd Guinness record attempt was made ... and a new record established (pending confirmation at this time). The 2012 event featured the new competition of the Canadian Haggis Toss Competition! The race also added a kids bouncy castle, and free Voyageur canoe rides. Race Directo - Eldon Paisley

* In 2012, another kilt race was held in Perth, Scotland. It is said to have been only 16 people short of breaking our races Guinness Record (but to be sure they'll try again...and we wish them luck)

                    note: WORK IN PROGRESS - draft only, will continue to be edited and expanded...

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