Frequently Asked Questions

#1  What's worn under the kilt... nothing, its all in perfect working order.

   Ok, now that - that's out of the way!

2015  "Year of the Spurtle"         What is a Spurtle

A spurtle is a traditional Scottish stirring stick used in making porridge.  It helps the oats against lumping and congealing.  Made from Scottish maple trees one end details the Scottish thistle.  Still useable in our own kitchen today for stirring soup and juice.

#1 When is race bib pickup?   Early pickup: Sat Jun 13 from 2 to 4
                                                   Race Day pickup is from 1 to 5 at the Crystal Palace

 #2 Can you pick up some else's bib?   Yes!

#3 Where can I park?  Please see Blog parking tab.

#4 Is there race day registration for children? No - sorry

#5 Where can I find a kilt?  Oh, Oh! Can't race without one.  You can order one up until Mar 17, 2015 at this link:

After the kilt order cutoff you can try ... the owner, Michael Cox was amazing last year in being our stand-by kilt supplier to the race! (Ordering at race registration is always strongly encouraged as we are able to supply them to runners at a price you can't find - since we may be the largest purchaser of the world?)

6. Where can I change, or get a shower?    The Town of Perth has made the change room/showers available to all Kilt Runners to use at the Perth Community Center (Arena)-before and after race. It is located at the corner of Beckwith St, and Foster St (only a 3 block walk from the race start line)

7. Is there entertainment the afternoon of the race?  Yes Yes Yes!  All afternoon their is live music and other booths and demonstrations at Stewart Park (behind Perth Town Hall).
 Is there entertainment after the race?  Yes  Yes, Yes.

After your run, do not forget to continue on to the Crystal Palace where you will receive your free beer sample(s). And one of two post race bands will be playing. PLUS a chance to Contra dance!

It is at this time that the Grand Draw for the Trip to Scotland takes place.

8. Is there really free post race beer?  Yes there is!

9. You're kidding...are you really giving a way a Grand Draw Prize trip to Scotland?  Yes, it will include single round trip airfare from Ottawa or Toronto, 2 nights at a B&B in Perth, Scotland (for 1 person) and single entry into the Perth Scotland Kilt run.. You must be present after the race to win. we'll just keep pulling names till we find someone...or use some other random method. No cash or alternate prize, winner accepting award must be 18years of age or older and agree to travel on dates required to attend the Kilt Run in Scotland.
Perth Kilt Run Committee/Race Director ruling final.

10. Can you run with your dog? No  Scottish Short Eared Cats - maybe, Highland Cow in a kilt...oh alright. Dogs? still no, maybe we have a best Scottish dog contest another year.

11. Are there water stations?  Yes...but only SEVEN!

12. Are strollers allowed? Yes, but they must start at the rear of the race behind the runners and they must keep in mind that they need to complete the race in less than 90 min                         

13. What are the regulations for the kilts?
  • Must be pleated all around the back
  • Must have a flat apron at the front
  • Must be at least knee length
  • Must have a buckle(s)
14.  Are there any other activities on race day?   Yes, Yes, Yes!
           Medieval Encampment demonstration at Stewart Park
            Haggis Toss Competition at Stewart Park
           Kilted Voyageur Canoe Rides on the Tay at Crystal Palace
           Live music all afternoon at Stewart Park
           Facepainting at Stewart Park
           Shortbread/Oatmeal Cookies or Porridge Competition (still pending)

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