Wednesday, 22 February 2012

2012 Scone Competition


The Second Annual



1. The competition is open to everyone. (Kilt Runners can enter, the
non-kilted public too, and members of the Running Goats Club).
Organizers reserve the right to limit entries based on 1st come basis.

2. Entrants must complete an entry form. Form available at the
Running Goat Store and at

3. There are categories for individuals and businesses. Businesses are asked to submit a $20 donation to help sponsor the event, with the added bonus of a chance to win the competition.

4. Entrants must provide a disposable & covered wrapped plate of 3
scones for judging.

5. The form and scones must be submitted to “The Running Goat store”
(74 Foster Street, Perth) no later than 12 noon on June 23rd , 2012.

6. Judging will take place on race day (June 23rd, 2012) at the Crystal
Palace on the Tay Basin starting at 5:15pm.

7. Judging criteria will include: appearance (10 pts), texture (30pts),
taste (30pts), and “Scottish” (10pts). Bonus points (2 points) for each
dozen scones provided for the runners!

8. Only one category – any type of scone is allowed.

9. This year’s judge:

Individual:         1st $50 & award,  2nd $25 & award, 3rd $10 & award Commercial:     1st $50 & award,  2nd $25 & award, 3rd $10 & award Grand Champion:   (best overall individual or commercial) $50 & award 

Download the Scone Competition entry form here

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