Monday, 25 March 2013

Grim Reaping?

         Many  Perth Kilt Runners took their chances yesterday at the Around the Bay Race in Hamilton - the Oldest Race in North America. The "Grim Reaper" was stationed at his usual spot at 28K ... trying to persuade some hurting runners to "just give up" and rest in his nearby cemetary "for awhile".  Lord Darnley, wearing fine Stewart tartan "trousers"; was lullied into a brief repose by said reaper - but safely roused back to life by a passing Perth runner  (thanks C.P.!).

Darnley was fortunate, but not so for those missing out on the last day of regular Perth Kilt Run entry fees, and last online kilt order date on St Patricks Day. Total entries now stand at 1,955. This includes a 100% "sold out" Warrior Division, strong entries in the kids races .... and the main 8K race 98% "sold out".

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