Wednesday, 5 June 2013

18 more sleeps ....

    I received an email today from the Earl of Paisley... The E.o.P. highlighted that there is indeed only 18 sleeps left before the Perth Kilt Run (does that count tonight?).  hmmm lots done - lots to do!

  Updates and hilites:

may not be exactly as shown
1. Pre-race Kilt Pickup.    There are fewer and fewer that don't already have a kilt to run in the race, but if you are one of the "500" looking to pick up your 2013 kilt a bit before race day...we are having a pre-race day kilt pickup date on Friday, June 14 (5-8pm) at the "Crystal Palace" in Perth. (contact Mary 613-264-8904, IF you have a specific question in this regard). Otherwise the kilts will be available on race day (June 22) from 1pm-4pm at the Crystal Palace (located on the Tay River - near Town Hall downtown Perth)  Good news is the kilts are all finished and in Perth!

2. "The WEE" and "The Ladd & Lassie":  We are very excited about the new addition to Kilt Race day with our two children's specific race events. Our first difficulty was trying to come up with a suitable race course....but we have it - check out the links on the blog "Race Course" tab!
         The "Wee" is a full (!) 200 metre marathon that starts at our main 8K race Castle start line at Town Hall...and makes the complete loop around Town Hall on Market Square...passing the oldest band stand in Canada, and ending up back at the Castle Finish line - will the 4 minute barrier be broken??? (Starting time .... line up the wee bairns at 4:45pm sharp!)
         The Ladd & Lassie race for the older group (6-10yrs) goes first, and starts at the same Castle start line ... at 4:30pm sharp! The 1K+ race route is very interesting - crossing three pedestrian bridges, before sprinting to the Castle finish line.
          What a thrill for the young ones if we can all be there lining their path and cheering them on!

3.  CBC TV:   Still scheduled to be here for Kilt Run day - see you in the movies!

4.  Walker's Canadian Shortbread Championships:   Is yours in the oven? Let's impress our honoured competition judge...  Alistair Walker, the great-grandson of the original founder of Walker's Shortbread of Scotland. Everyone welcome to enter this cash competition. (see blog tab for details)

5.  (2nd) Canadian Haggis Hurling Championships:  Gary "the Hagarian" is working hard to finalise details ...which last year saw almost 200 competitors stand atop the half-scotch barrel and try to break the world record for longest Haggis toss. We have an amazing new location at the Millennial Gates - Stewart Park. Open to all people, all ages...and for free. Come early to get your throw in the preliminary round (1pm-5pm) and try to qualify for the  Finals: 5pm.

6. What Else?   Pre-race music this year will start at ~3pm at the Band Stand in Stewart Park, with additional pre-race music at the Crystal Palace - where our post race free runners beer "sampler" supplier...will offer some of his favourite for pre-race sale! A full race day schedule will be updated on the blog tab.

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