Sunday, 30 November 2014

Welcome to "The Year of the Spurtle!" ... the 2015 Perth WORLD RECORD KILT RUN

                                            Happy St Andrew's Day to Kilt Run Nation!

             Dear Kilt Runners, here we are again embarking on the kilt run journey. The year of 2014 was spectacular ... with no fewer than six officials kilt runs - all aiming to break the record for the world's largest kilt run. The very last attempt, was held in Perth, Australia in September. The big news out of that event .... the overall winner was Thor Stewart from our own Kilt Run here in Perth Canada! (shown far left in red t-shirt).

                                                  Perth Australia Kilt Run September 2014

                             The Race Director this year is Mary Stewart (yes, mother of the fastest kilt runner in Australia). Her committee has already been hard at work, and we are expecting new and exciting things for the 2015 event. One of the changes will be a modification of the race route ... a change made by the 2016 committee - which is already at work for our major event to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Perth. But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves ... first is 2015, on June 20. The blog will be updating the different pages and links in the coming days - so stay tuned!
                         Lord Darnley
                         Perth Running Goats Club
                         organizers of the largest kilt race in the world!

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