Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Awesome ... Runners March to the Start !!!

The Runners March to the Start is not to be missed! This is an aspect unique to the Perth Kilt Run among all the runs in the world. And this years will be more amazing than ever.!
We have added a second Highland Band to the march this year, This allows us to "seed" the runners. Those people that are feeling a little faster, should line up behind Highland Band#1 which will have the sign "Under 50 Minutes" (equivalent to less than 30 minutes if you have run a 5K race). And  everyone else should line up behind Highland Band#2 - which will have the sign "Over 50 Minutes"
Shortly after 5:30pm, you will hear the beautiful sound of the bagpipes coming from around the "Band Stand" area behind Town Hall - beside Stewart Park ... on Market Square. All runners are to report to this area, and assemble behind the band that fits your running speed. March starts at 5:50pm
Why join the March to the Start?  Well for one thing, the wee "10 minute" stroll, is the perfect way to warm up the muscles and get them ready for the race soon to begin. The March is also a great way to get a feel for the last 500 metres of the race. Joining the March will help us "seed" the runners, which will make the start more efficient. And finally, being part of the March is just a chance to be a part of something awesome!!!


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