Friday, 19 June 2015

"The First 2K" ... A Guide to Success!

Welcome to our new 2015 Perth Kilt Run Course!

   Some things to know:

1.  The Course starts in front of the Town Hall on Gore Street
2.  The course loops back through the run through the Start, proceeding to 2K
3.  When the race begins - move as fast as possible past the Start line, and Past Harvey Street!
      (You will note that the faster runners, are heading toward the Start Line as the last runners are leaving. You must be past Harvey Street (about 100 meters from the Start Line) ..before they come!)
4.  We have made the Start Line 10 Feet wider this year for a faster start!!
5.  We are using the "March to the Start" as a way to "seed the runners this year. Please try to get behind your speed sign at 5:50pm (<50 minutes, or > 50 Minutes). Its a small change, but hopefully help the flow out of the start.
                       It's going to be a blast!

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