Saturday, 26 January 2013


  Robbie Burns celebrated his birthday in grand style this year, as 1,040 people achieved their registration before the close of early bird pricing at the end of Robbie Burns Day. One thousand and forty people is a lot of kilted runners... and now we start the "regular" registration period. Its not too long...only until the end of February...hopefully no one misses out!

    Some interesting Scottish history lines up with our early registration count. The year 1,040 marked the end of King Duncans time as ruler in Scotland ... to be succeeded by the well known King MACBETH!

                   Hope everyone had a chance to taste a wee bit of Haggis on Robbie's birthday yesterday? Many places extend the celebration until tonight, so if you know of a Robbie Burns Day dinner in your area ...take the chance to go - the recitation of the "Ode to a Haggis" is not to be missed!

                       all for now, Lord Darnley

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