Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Under Attack ...AGAIN???

Is Perth's WORLD RECORD KILT RUN under attack again? 

      Last year we fortified our defenses, and several of our Perth Running Goats Club flew to Scotland to participate in their attempt to break our Guinness record. As you know they put on a great show..but fell a few kilts short of the record set back in 2010 in Canada.
     There is rumour that Perth, Scotland may attempt another run at the record in September, 2013 (nothing confirmed at this time). HOWEVER, our investigations have revealed a stealth attack underway in Raleigh, North Carolina!
     It seems that Raleigh has positioned their St Patty's Day run as the new contender...having applied to Guinness to hold the attempt. Their registration site indicates the race will take place on March 2, 2013 in Raleigh, NC, USA. Now while the record set in Perth Canada, and the attempt made in Perth Scotland ... were both completed on a full 8K course - the USA attempt will be lining the kilts up to complete only 200 meters (with a kilt optional 8k to follow). They are showing a registration of 600+ runners for the kilt race with over a month to go... so they are a serious concern.
      Exciting!  I like that they have chosen MS as their charity for the race. Great to have a new challenger in 2013 ... did not see it coming! We wish them well...and will watch closely to see how it proceeds ... it may be worthy of a field trip to N.C.!
     And when they are done in Raleigh...they should circle their calendars ... and make the trip north ... for the biggest and best kilt run in the world: Perth's WORLD RECORD KILT RUN - June 22, 2013   Fun, Fast, Fabulous!
                                                    Lord Darnley

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