Wednesday, 6 February 2013

1896 ... a number to remember!

The year 1896 ....

     * Xrays were discovered   * 1st movie theatre   * 1st car accident
     * Winnipeg beat Montreal in the Stanley Cup (2-0)  for real!
     * The 1st Olympics (modern) were held
     * In the other Perth -  Scotland's largest selling whisky - The Famous Grouse began

     * And in 1896, the main sponsor of this race, Lanark Mutual Insurance company was formed!

   With the changes to the race course this year, we felt having a "cap" on the total runner count,  would allow us to work through the approval process with more confidence.
   We have decided to recognize our title race sponsor - Lanark Mutual Insurance .... by capping the 8K race at 1,896 kilted runners ... recognizing the year 1896 that Lanark Mutual Insurance was founded!

    Be therefore rightly advised, that as of February 5th, the 8K main race is 62% full - act accordingly!

                          Lord Darnley

(not long before regular registration fees end)

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