Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Shortbread and Castles!

Shortbread and Castles ....

          A recent Perth kilt Run "blog" update I talked about an exciting new CASH AWARDS structure for the front-end finishers ... over $3000 in cash prizes!

          But the Perth Kilt Run is about more than our fastest runners (Of which a quick note - our winner last year, Kieren Day; ...had the fastest in class, 8K time in Ontario with his result on our Perth Kilt Run course!)

          The Kilt Run is also about BOUNCY CASTLES!  We are able to confirm this week, that we will have a bouncy Castle available on the day of the race, for your use (and the young ones!) for FREE.

          And we will have more details shortly ... but the former scone baking competition, is now a major SHORTBREAD BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP!  This is open to all runners, and the public. Stay tuned!

                        Lord Darnley

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