Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More numbers and numbers and numbers...

Numbers and numbers and numbers!

     With less than 25 days to register for the Perth World Record Kilt Run* ... a few things to consider:

1.  Race Times:   Had a question today asking if we could provide the race times from the last few years, so they could decide to enter the race. Fair enough...I have added a blog tab which has the results of the last three races (check it out). But then I thought did I miss something - why would I need the results to decide to enter?  Is my decision to enter based on whether I might be able to win the race? Ok, I have to admit to doing that type of research for a race I have entered in the past...only to find the time that won the previous year, was not even fast enough to place in the top 10 in the year I ran (I guess there were a few us with the same idea that year!). The fast times might also be a useful gauge on how fast the course is in regard to my chance of getting a personal best this case, fastest time in a kilt! Perhaps sometimes we check because we have never run that distance, or training has not been going well ... do the times suggest I can fit in the middle someplace and just have fun...or at least not finish too far later than the usual last time?
       I put together a wee summary table of the past Kilt Run times to help those with that need. Just one word of advice...if your name is not Kieren Day, finishing first overall may not be in your future! On the otherhand, we have the famous "1-Year" Age Group categories ... almost 150 Age Group 1st place winners up for grabs!

                                  Results Summary Table:
   2010  2011  2012
Fastest Male  27:20  27:53  27:50
Fastest  Female  34:33  33:46  32:05
Median  Time  50:58  53:31  53:49
Last  Finish Time 89 mins 88 mins 92 mins

2.   Race Entries and Guinness challenges!

               The Perth Kilt Run has passed the 1,300 registered runner mark in 2013, so far!  Meanwhile, down in Raleigh North Carolina, they have reached almost 1,200 runners for their kilt run challenge on March 2, 2013. From what I can see, they are into the "no holds barred" phase ... inviting babies and grandfathers to line up for their 200 yard kilt run Guinness record challenge. We wish them all the best. But while they fall far short of our "8K" standard challenge distance, we do insist that they wear kilts, and not what can only be described as skirts - have some pride man!
    Looks like we may have to send the "Duke of Richmond" and his best claymore ... just to set them straight!

3. Number "50" - the Warrior Class reached its 50 person maximum ... we will discuss if it is possile to grow it a little this year at our next meeting (hope you all know what you got yourself into!)

4.  18 or 9?   Kilted Golf anyone?   An agenda item for our next meeting will be to look at having a Perth Kilt Run golf tournament on the day of the Kilt Run ... on the oldest golf course in Canada. This could be an event with a big discount to enter for those registered runners, and open to all others - as long as a kilt is worn while golfing. The winners could be awarded just prior to the kilt run. Anyone interested and wanting to twist our arms...feel free to email us at:

                      All the best, Lord Darnley

* regular registration ends on St Patrick's Day

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