Tuesday, 12 March 2013

1896 and 1896 and even 1898!


            We have two new sponsors involved in the 2013 Perth Kilt Run !

             The Famous Grouse was founded in the year 1896. The Famous Grouse is the best selling whisky in Scotland. It also began life in Perth, Scotland .. and continues to this day in Perthshire. (And I can  tell you, it is a personal favourite of Lord Darnley!). Stay tuned for details on the specific involvement of The Famous Grouse in the 2013 Perth's World Record Kilt Run.

           The Walkers company was founded in 1898 ... and is the undisputed producer of the world's best shortbread! You can taste the highlands in every bite, reflecting their storied location in Scotland. We look forward to providing more details on this great company, and the role they will play in the 2013 Perth's World Record Kilt Run.  But we can reveal, that they are the title sponsor for our "World Shortbread Baking Championships"!
            The competition is open to everyone...and especially to our runners. Start picking out your recipe for this amazing Perth Kilt Run event! 

                       *The kilt run is now 87% sold out.
                       *Regular registration ends on March 17th (St. Patricks Day).  HURRY!

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