Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Post Blog#1 "Wee Ladd & Lassies Rule at 2013 Kilt Race!"

    Aye, it was a new event that took the day, when the Wee Ladd and Lassies lined up for their 200 metre marathon around Town Hall last Saturday!

It took a change in course for someone not named Kieren to win the 4th Perth Kilt Run 8K main event....and then it was a need that they come all the way from North Carolina!   Meet Devin Swann (26:49) from Raleigh (NC), and Susan Heuser (34:11) from Cary (NC) ...our 2013 overall male and female winners!

Not all the race winners led from the front of the pack...some had rivers to cross , spears to throw and shields to carry .... some others had much bigger obstacles ... the bigger the challenge, the bigger the Champion! Congratulations Peter Selst!, well done Brian Carpenter.

Post race blog update #1, regards, Darnley

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