Saturday, 7 March 2015

Under Attack? Raleigh North Carolina Kilt Run Today! (March 7, 2015)

 Kilt Run Challenge Day!

              All eyes on Raleigh, N.C. today, as they assemble in kilt, and make a strong challenge to take the record which is ours still today - the World's Largest Kilt Run!
              Run well Raleigh, we await the report from our Duke of Richmond - who is this day arrived in Raleigh for this tourney ... and will tell your tale on return to Perth, Ontario, Canada.
              Success or no, we enjoy the challenge ... but remind all - it is now only 10 days until regular registration for Perth Canada Kilt Run ends, and also the last chance to order a kilt (if be needed) online ... enter here:

                                           I am  Lord Darnley, and I approve this message.
                                                       (On behalf on my Queen, Mary)

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