Sunday, 13 January 2013

Winter dreaming of summer kilt running....

BlogEntry #2

                         Perth's World Record Kilt Run    June 22,

      Today, The Duke of Richmond, and I (Lord Darnley) made our way to the Richmond Road race. The world's fastest man in a kilt took first in the 5K race (Kierren Day-winner of all three Perth Kilt Runs... 2010,2011,& 2012) with father Mike close behind...and a great show by grandfather Mike Senior ... another great day for the Days! The Duke in my opinion ran a fine 10k ...pacing in the woman's winner from Smiths Falls and SportX owner - Jen Bon. Lord Darnley set a fashion statement, but not so much on the running side.
      I enjoy the chance to hand out our wee Perth Kilt Run invitation cards ... and the stories you share about running in the race. Sometimes people will say "I wish I could have come...but it conflicted with this or that - but one woman today (Judy) told me she ran last year Perth Kilt Run ... then headed off for a triathalon in mount Tremblant the next day! We had lots of comments from people that have come every year, and had a great time by all accounts!
      One of our Perth Running Goats Club put together a wee video to keep us inspired towards June ... and a taste of what it looks like if you have not come before ... take a look!

                                                    A little winter dreaming of the Kilt Run



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